Rakshabandhan In The Time of Corona Virus

There’s no denying the love Indians have for festivals. Lovers of all things merry and cheery, every other day in the Indian calendar marks one festivity or the other. While most festivals originate owing to religious significance, yet they also carry social and emotional significance. For instance, Rakshabandhan  Is Protection Bond Diwali marks the victory of good over evil or Holi marks the passage of one season after another; similarly every festival carries behind itself an impactful message or story

In the next few days we will arrive at the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan, a sacred festival that marks the special bond shared by siblings. Literally translating to ‘protection bond’, the festival traditionally is celebrated by sisters tying a Rakhi on their brother’s wrist.

In return, the brother vows to protect his sister from every harm that might befall her way. However, with the passage of time the festival has adapted to the societal advancements. In today’s times it is not uncommon to see sisters tying each other Rakhis. Also, the archaic notion of a brother protecting his sister has transitioned into siblings looking out for one another, irrespective of their gender.

New dimensions might have been added to Rakshabandhan, but the feeling driving the festival remains unchanged, ie sibling love. The festival still is about families getting together, cooking delicious fare and spending quality time with one another.

But how can we forget that this is 2020, the year that has been acting as a party pooper since its very onset. The toughest adversary that we have had to face this year has been the Corona Virus. Having escalated to a global pandemic, the highly contagious disease has been holding the entire world hostage.

Everyone has been advised to stay indoors and avoid socializing as much as possible.

With the need for social distancing and self-isolation increasing, Rakshabandhan in 2020 is going to be very different indeed!


Instead of the loud rumble of scores of family members getting together to celebrate the festivities, most houses will drown in din of solitude. The kitchens that were once witness to families cooking elaborate delicacies for one another, will have to make do with a regular meal being cooked. The hall ways that see siblings chasing after one another in jest will lay bare this year. There will be no hugs and no festivities.

It all sounds very gloomy, doesn’t it?

But it doesn’t necessarily have to! Yes, it’s true that we might not be able to visit our brother or sisters personally this year, but we can always send them our love and best wishes through beautiful Rakhis. While we might not be able to feed them sweets with our own hands, we can always order their favorite desert for sure. I know my little sister will receive a big box of laddoos along with a beautiful Rakhi designed by our very own Wonderkrafts.

The situation might seem grim but we can always choose to give a positive spin to every situation and this year’s

is no different. Also, let’s remember the true meaning of celebrating this festival, protecting our loved ones against all evil and harm. While every year we promised to protect our siblings, 2020 has given us the opportunity to actually put this thought in action. By staying home and not socializing we are not only going to protect ourselves but also protect our loved ones.

So, let’s turn our frowns upside down and give all our love to our siblings. But, only virtually!

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