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From Clients to Besties

On a Thursday afternoon, in a sunny café by the corner two friends met. Grabbing a comfortable spot, the duo settled in and dived deep into a spirited conversation. They spoke of love, of life, of passions, of work and everything in between; the conversation only being interrupted by pearls of laughter and sips of a piping hot coffee. Any bystander would have guessed that the two ladies were best of friends who had known each other for several years.

But, that is how Aanchal met Nazia for the first time. For the record, Nazia is one of Wonderkraftz’s clients. A relationship that had started out as a professional acquaintance has today bloomed into a beautiful friendship.

It all began when a close friend of Nazia reached out to Aanchal to customize a birthday gift for Nazia. The required turnaround time was rather short and the expectation of quality rather high. However, not shying away from a challenge Aanchal took the order and worked tirelessly to craft a gift box that would make Nazia extremely happy.

After exchanging several notes, photos and details, Aanchal designed a photo box that included some of Nazia’s dearest memories of her friends and family.

“When I saw the gift it literally brought tears to my eyes. Not only was it exquisitely beautiful but I could sense that every detail was put in after much thought. I have since preserved the gift carefully and will cherish it for the rest of my life,” says Nazia.

So overwhelmed was Nazia by the quality of Aanchal’s handiwork that she wanted to personally thank her. She called her up, and duo has since become close friends.

“What really struck me about the gift was the level of personalization that had gone into it. Unlike a cookie cutter photo album that anybody can buy from a retailer, this was crafted particularly for me. It almost seemed like Aanchal knew me and my life’s journey well,” adds Nazia.

This is the magic that a personalized handmade gift can create. The gift might come at a price but you might also win a special friendship for life.

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