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The Fragrance of a Life Lived Well

It’s no secret that scent has a strong connection to our memory, mood, and attitude. Wonderkraftz’s latest addition in its product portfolio is our signature scented roses. With the scent being able to last for almost two years, these beautiful roses are just the perfect gift for your special one.

When I was younger, our family used to live in a quiet neighborhood in Steel city, Dhanbad. Surrounded by lush green Gulmohar trees and rose bushes, our lane had ample space for children to play. Every evening kids from nearby buildings would run downstairs and play till it became dark. Just around sunset, an old lady from house number 179 would ring a brass bell and light a fragrant incense. The smell was slightly sweet and had notes of jasmine. The incense’s fragrance would gradually float all around the playground and remind us all that playtime was about to be over. Years went by and we moved from the neighborhood. The lanes, friends, flowers, and fragrances were forgotten. I moved out of the city to pursue my education in Bangalore. On one unsuspecting day, while sitting in my psychology class, I felt the emergence of a similar fragrance. The same sweet notes! The same jasmine smell! Within seconds I was transported back to the sleepy lane of my hometown where I had grown up. For a few seconds, I regressed back to being a young enthusiastic child, who only wanted an extra ten minutes to play with her friends. While it lasted only for a split second, the experience was truly magical!

Fragrances & Memory
It’s no secret that scent has a strong connection to memory. Our olfactory sense is one of the most powerful and effective to bring back memories and emotions. The way I was transported back to my childhood days, similarly, we all have experienced situations where a specific odor reminds us of people, places, life incidents, or situations in general. While each one of our bodily senses helps us discover and interact with the world, smell is one of the most impactful senses when it comes to remembrance. Explained by various studies conducted by scientists and researchers, the sense of smell (unlike the sense of touch & sound) is processed in a part of the brain that directly connects to the amygdala. The amygdala is a key driver of emotional memories.

To put it simply, smell has a close connection with memory. And this connection is rather strong. The sense of smell is strong because it cannot intentionally be switched off. While we can avoid visual stimuli by closing our eyes, there is no way for an individual to avoid a persistent smell. Experts also believe that the memories associated with smells tend to be older. We also think about them less often,
however, when recollection happens, it is rather vivid and strong.

Using fragrance to create a pleasant ambiance
Other than creating strong memories, our sense of smell also has an impact on our mood and attitude. For the same reason luxury hotels, retail stores, etc create a signature scent. Brands often use the power of fragrance to make themselves more memorable and recognizable to consumers. Picking the best-suited fragrance for creating the most reactive memories is often the first step in creating an effective ‘olfactory marketing strategy’ for businesses. Moving beyond the world of business, we often see people reaching out to fragrances to make their surroundings more pleasant and welcoming. The use of a pleasant fragrance throughout one’s home can help create the perfect ambiance. It can also be the finishing touch to making your abode feel more like ‘home’. But the same formula works everywhere else; be it a house, a car, or any other personal space, the
use of scent can spruce up anything. Consumers also have a wide variety of fragrances to pick from; right from floral, citrus, musky, woody,
the options are truly endless. As a result, we have seen products such as scented candles, essential oils, diffusers, etc becoming commonplace in business establishments and homes alike.

Fragrant & Beautiful Roses: The Perfect Product for You!
While there are options galore in the market, sometimes it’s best to rely on the ‘classics’. What is better than the scent of a beautiful rose? Not much, we can assure you. Don’t we all dream of living in a perfect house with fresh bouquets? But how realistic is it? Sadly, not very. The perfect solution for you is here as Wonderkraftz presents to you our signature scented roses. Presented with a sweet and fragrant aroma, these latex foam soaps are molded to look like beautiful roses. Soft and smooth to touch, the rose petals can even be separated to create a realistic display. With the scent being able to last for almost two years, these beautiful roses are just the perfect gift for your special one.

Be it your significant other, your darling bestie, your loving mother, or a thoughtful gift for your elf, these scented roses will jazz up your space and your bath time, alike.

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