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The Balancing Act: Finding the Equilibrium between Professional & Personal in the WFH Setup

The WFH setup has our personal and professional lives colliding in the same physical space, making it tougher for most of us to find the perfect balance between the two. We spoke to experts and created a list of actionable tips that can help you achieve the elusive equilibrium between personal and professional in the WFH setup.

2020 was a watershed moment in human history. With Covid-19 turning into a global pandemic, the entire world was affected by it. Covid-19 induced lockdown compelled us all to be locked up within the confines of our homes and we had to adapt to a new-found way of life where everything functioned ‘remotely’. Right from buying groceries to meeting tricky deadlines, we learnt a new and virtual way of getting things done.

Work from Home became a mainstay in most of lives. Businesses asked their employees to stay at home and work remotely. Living rooms turned into conference rooms, bedside tables became office desks and our ergonomic chairs from work were replaced by pillows supporting our backs.

While WFH seemed like a boon in the beginning, we soon realized its pitfalls as well. With our personal and professional lives colliding in the same physical space, it became tougher for most of us to find the perfect balance between the two.

Things have been exceptionally tougher on the womenfolk who are still considered a primary contributor towards household care, childcare and eldercare responsibilities. According to NSSO, 2019, unpaid care work is still primarily considered a female responsibility. It was concluded that women spend an average of five hours per day on domestic work compared to 30 minutes spent by men.

Needless to say, the pandemic has been harsher on our female friends. Women have been struggling to find the perfect balance between personal and professional life. After all, it can’t be easy to negotiate with clients while your toddler is clinging to your legs or meet a deadline when the dishes from last evening are still in the kitchen sink.

Irrespective of how hard it is, it is pertinent for everyone to find the equilibrium in WFH situations. Failing to do so can have negative impact on your physical, emotional, financial and mental wellbeing. On the flipside, when done right this balance can bring with it a host of advantages too.

Primarily, it can help boost your productivity. Isn’t that what most of our employers want?

It can also help you reduce overall stress in your daily life.

Finding the balance can help you feel motivated in life.

It can empower you by making you gain control over your life. No longer will you feel like you are running on auto-pilot. The perfect balance puts you in the driving seat of your life.

Finding that perfectly balanced state can come from various ways. But most importantly, you need to priorities what’s most important to you, and ensure that you are devoting ample time and energy to things that are most important to you; and it goes beyond work.

We spoke to experts and created a list of actionable items that can help you find the right balance between personal and professional in the WFH set up.

Set Your Value Compass

In order to find the equilibrium in life first and foremost it is important that you gain clarity on what your core values and purpose is. This awareness can act the guiding compass and can take us in the perfect life direction. it can help us gain awareness of where our strengths and weaknesses lie, what we wish to achieve most in life and thus help us achieve them by the way we life each day in life.

Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize!

No, it is not a typo, I did mean to write it thrice. Why? Because prioritizing things is the key to finding the balancing act in life. We are all different people, with different values, desires and goals. Naturally what is of primary importance for one might not be the same for another. But it’s of prime importance that you understand your priorities in life. Does family come first or your career? Does you ambition overshadow your need for a quiet life? Would you rather spend your time cooking or catching up on Yoga? Does a quiet me time energize you as much as meeting up with friends?

Once you have the answers to such questions in place you will know what your days should look like. It will help you carve out the requisite time for things that are most important to you.

Get Organized

When life is moving is fast forward motion, it is important to know which route to take. An organized and structured day does exactly that. It helps guide you in the right direction and saves your valuable time. So, start with creating a concrete structure for the day; divide different times of the day for different activities. Make a task list which is realistic & achievable and mark your priorities. Try and reduce clutter in your living space as it can help you think more clearly. If need be, delegate tasks.

Communicate Effectively

We must realize that human beings are not mind readers. We often expect those close to us to sense what or how we are feeling, but it’s a rather unrealistic expectation. So, it’s important that you communicate your needs and wants effectively. Be it your spouse, roommate, co-workers or superior at work, speak to them about directly about important things. Do not let feelings simmer in your heart. Talk them out and you are sure to receive the support that you desire.

While these were some broad tips to get you mentally in the right space, we have a few more simple tips to make your work day a success in the WFH set up while also equal importance to life beyond work.

  • Create a dedicated workplace. Avoid working from the comfort of your bed.
  • Ensure that you have a specific time to begin and end work. Stick to it!
  • Create a morning routine before beginning work. This is help you start your day feeling rejuvenated.
  • Plan post work activities that you enjoy.
  • Add some form of physical activity in your routine.
  • Have a to-do list ready for your next day. This is save you the hassle of starting a new day feeling lost and flustered.

So, friends of Wonderkraftz try these simple tips and tricks to find the magical balance in life. We hope they will help you conquer it all in life.

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